There are some areas that we inspect in a home that require extra caution, and an under the house crawlspace is one such area. When you think about the kind of space it is, it’s easy to see the need to be careful. Crawlspaces are usually dark and often go unchecked for long periods of time, this means all kinds of dangers to be lurking there, free of disturbance. So, what types of hazards could you encounter with an under-house crawlspace?

The first thing that might come to your mind is animals and pests. A crawlspace could become home to many different creatures, some of which, could be poisonous or dangerous if they feel threatened. The problem is intensified due to the tight space, meaning that it would be harder to make a rapid retreat.

Another issue that you will likely discover is mold and fungus. This is because conditions under the home are often ideal for mold and fungus to survive. They love a damp and dark environment. Standing water or even sewage is yet another hazard that can be found under the home, which is another problem that can affect anyone entering the space.

If you have any suspicion that the home has structural issues, be extremely cautious when entering a crawlspace. It is best if you can leave it for a professional to check the space out for you. However, if you really need to go down there, it’s important that you inform someone of your whereabouts and what you will be doing, this way, they will be able to help you should you become trapped etc. Lastly, before you decide to enter a crawlspace, make sure you have all the appropriate protective clothing and equipment. This way, you will be prepared for whatever you might encounter down there.

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