Fires in the home can happen so quickly. A home fire can devastate property, possessions, and even lives. But it is a disaster that can be prevented.  Here are a few unexpected fire hazards to be aware of.

Smoke alarms can make the difference but only if they work. Make sure that the smoke alarms in the home are effective. Changing the batteries twice a year is important but the actual smoke alarm needs to be replaced every 10 years. Make sure you remember the dates for changing the batteries and the actual alarm.

Watch the temperature of your heat when you’re cooking. Even if you’re in the kitchen while you’re cooking be sure not to turn up the heat too high. This is especially important if you’re boiling or frying food, keep a closed eye on the temperature. Leaving the kitchen while you’re cooking is the leading cause of home fires. 

Keep the stove clean. Having a dirty stove while you cook is a quick way to ignite grease and other grime. Keep that area around the stove clean and clear before you turn on the heat.

Another way to prevent fires in the home is by using unstable candleholders. If the candle holders are unstable this creates a risk for a home fire. It’s also important to make sure that candles are a foot away from anything that can burn.

If you’re using a space heater make sure that the space heater is not close to anything flammable. It also needs to be only on hard non-flammable surfaces like ceramic floors and avoid carpet and carpet and rugs.

Keeping these few things in mind can help prevent fires and keep your family safe.

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