100-Point Inspection

Our 100-Point home inspection is detailed and thorough. This is the inspection needed when your’re considering purchasing a home.

Pre-Warranty Inspection

Our Pre-Warranty Expiration Inspection (11th Month Inspection) ensures your new home was done right. Normally a builder provides a 12 month warranty with a new home. Our comprehensive inspection points out areas that may not be up to par with building standards, sub-par work, and safety hazards. Don’t be held liable for repairs that should be completed by the builder!

Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing (Move-In-Certified) Inspection caters to sellers who would like to know the current state of their home prior to listing on the market. This inspection does a great job of catching safety issues and defects that can be repaired prior to a potential home buyer having their own inspection. Getting in front of issues prior to listing can help you sell your home faster and ensure a smooth transaction without any surprises.

Basic Home Inspection

The Basic home inspection concept was created to serve two purposes. One, to cater to those that plan to completely renovate a dwelling and are only interested in the core components of a home, and two, to serve as an affordable option and last line of defense prior to purchase for those in economic situations that would otherwise be forced to forgo a home inspection all together.

4-Point Insurance Inspection

The 4-Point Inspection is often a required inspection in order to obtain (or maintain) insurance coverage. The inspection requirements were designed by insurance companies in order to get a better understanding of the structure they are insuring. This is especially pertinent when insuring an older home.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is an examination of a home’s existing safety features that make it more secure and less likely to be damaged during storms. For home insurance companies, there is less risk involved in insuring homes that have taken more precautions. Florida law states that property insurance companies must give discounts on homeowner’s premiums when they have received a certified wind mitigation inspection report.

Roof Certification

A roof certification is normally an insurance required inspection to get new coverage or maintain existing coverage on homes with older roof coverings.

Mobile Home Foundation Certification

Our Mobile Home Foundation Certifications are in compliance with HUD, VA, FHA, and home owner’s insurance requirements. Our written reports are through and report the standards outlined in FBC 320.8325 Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and park trailers; uniform installation standards. Admin Code 15C-1.0104 Installation Standards for Anchors and Tie-downs, and HUD Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Homes (PFGMH).

Lead-Based Paint Inspection

Our Lead-Based Paint Inspection is conducted using  United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved tests.

Post Tropical Storm & Hurricane Evaluation

Here in Florida tropical storms and hurricanes are a way of life. Our post tropical storm & hurricane evaluation is geared towards fully documenting damage sustained from the elements.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection

An Indoor Air Quality Inspection measures the amount of mold in the air your breath. We capture air quality samples both inside and outside of the home which are in-turn sent to a laboratory for testing.

Vacant House Check

Whether your on vacation for a week, or out of town on business for months, our Vacant House Check Inspection provides you with peace of mind while you’re away, with no surprises upon your return.

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Call Today to Find Out More or Schedule An Inspection.

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