Solar energy is an excellent source of renewable energy and there are numerous benefits of using it which we have talked about in a previous article.  But, before you decide to go ahead and invest in solar paneling for your home, there are some points to consider.  As is the case with any big financial decisions research should be done to consider the disadvantages as well as the advantages of solar paneling.  Here are some of the downsides to using it:

You will need a lot more than just one or two solar panels in order to provide power for your entire home.  This will require a large system which can take up a good deal of space.  Even though the advancement of technology is making it less expensive to buy solar paneling, the number of panels needed to power the entire home means you will still be looking at a very substantial cost to install and maintain them.  

A steady supply of sunlight is needed for solar power to be a reliable source of energy.  Many factors can affect this such as clouds, the degree of latitude, and even nighttime which naturally prevents sunlight.   

Another downside is that because solar panels are constantly exposed to the elements, they will start to deteriorate.  With time, even the sun with its ultraviolet radiation will damage the panels.   

Very often solar panels are installed on the roof of a home.  A downside of this is that it can make it more difficult for any roof repairs to be carried out.  

Solar panels as well as the batteries they require have the potential to cause harm to the environment.  This is because of the known pollutants they are constructed with.  

So, from this brief list, we see there are some definite drawbacks to using solar panels.  If you are about to have solar panels installed on your property, make sure you are prepared for these.

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