Do I need an insulated attic? The short direct answer is – Yes! Make sure that your attic is properly insulated. Attics have large surfaces where energy can escape making a home feel drafty. A properly insulated attic makes your home feel more comfortable. There are several benefits of insulating the attic. 

  • Want savings? Insulating your attic lowers the cost of cooling and heating your home. A properly insulated attic reduces the airflow in the home so you don’t use as much energy.
  • Your home’s value increases by upgrading or installing attic insulation. New attic insulation is a strong selling feature even though it’s not visible to homebuyers. It also protects the roof and keeps your home comfortable and inviting.
  • Outside pollutants like dirt, radon, smoke, and mold can enter the attic when it isn’t properly insulated. When you reduce air pollutants in the home, headaches respiratory problems, and fatigue can be avoided.
  • The temperatures of the home can vary throughout. Ever wonder why sometimes rooms are hotter upstairs that’s downstairs? It is usually due to poor attic insulation. Insulate the attic, the result? Stable room temperatures in every room.
  • Attic insulation is also a pest deterrent. It keeps unwanted pests from entering the home and building a nest in your attic. You might even consider replacing your old insulation to keep your home free from waste and toxins.

Remember to keep your home energy efficient and comfortable. Practice these tips and enjoy the benefits of insulating your attic.

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